9 Bullet Journal Ideas for International Cat Day

9 Bullet Journal Ideas for International Cat Day

It’s International Cat Day on Tuesday 8th August 2023 and in case you haven’t noticed, Nikki and I are a couple of card-carrying cat ladies! What better way could there be to celebrate than to introduce our feline assistants, show off some of our favourite kitty stationery supplies and look back over some of our cat-themed bullet journal spreads…

First things first, let’s introduce the Nikki’s Supply Store feline mascots, i.e. the ones who do all the hard work around here and keep things ticking over:

Raj and Frankie - International Cat Day

Nikki's two kitties, Frankie and Raj can often be found curled up in a corner of the studio, or stealing the comfy chair in front of the computer. Although they're not littermates (they're 3 years apart and from different continents) they spend most days with each other and have become like brothers. They love posing for photos, especially when that means they can sit on big sheets of backdrop paper!

Juniper - International Cat Day

My darling chaos noodle Juniper is also always willing to lend a paw. I adopted her in July 2022 after losing my beloved tuxedo Luna, who you may have seen in some of my earlier blog and Instagram posts. Juniper wants to be involved in pretty much everything I’m doing, particularly when I’m filming. You can peek her antics in many of my bullet journaling and sewing reels on Instagram.


Bullet Journal Inspiration for International Cat Day 

Looking back over mine and Nikki’s bullet journal spreads has made me realise that mine have been woefully under-cat themed! Thankfully, Nikki has us covered with a whole host of kitty inspiration:

Inspired by gothic stained glass art, this paper cut and washi tape collage is a design that Nikki one day hopes to turn into a real glass panel for the door of her house. Most of the tape used is now in the shop's Washi Mega Sale - so go take a peep if you fancy having a go at this method. 

My personal favourite* is the cover page she did in June using just a Livework 2.0 Ballpoint Pen. It looks like it could be a kitty album cover!

*Ok, it was my favourite until Nikki blew it out the water with the stained glass one, which she finished since my first draft of this blog!

These Paw Sticky Page Markers are purrfect for marking your most-used bullet journal pages or study notes and come with six adorable kitty colours.

cat paw sticky page markers

Ballpoint pens are definitely an underrated drawing tool, and Nikki also created this incredible portrait of her mum’s cat Alfie using a Retro Multi-Colour Ballpoint. This has definitely inspired me to get sketching, although I’m not sure Juniper would sit still long enough to be a live model!

If cartoons and doodles are more your speed, why not copy one of your favourite animated cats? Nikki created this Hello Kitty x The Shining theme for Halloween last year, using Hello Kitty Washi Tape. Pusheen would be another great cartoon cat to copy as his chonky little body is much easier to draw than a realistic cat.

Shop Hello Kitty Washi Tape

Spooky Season and cats just go hand in hand, don’t they? I can’t get enough of the vintage Halloween aesthetic and am definitely going to have a go at drawing some of these retro spooky cats in my journal this year!

Missing your feline friends while you’re away? Nikki’s cats Frankie and Raj made an appearance in her travel journal, in the form of these adorable Sarasa Clip Gel Pen and Midliner Brush sketches.

They also cropped up in this festive weekly spread, although I’m sure they can’t be the filthy animals the Home Alone reference is alluding to! Adding doodles to your weekly spreads is a great way to practice your drawing without the “pressure” of a cover page. I often get far too in my head thinking my cover page has to look perfect every month.

I think this weekly spread from 2018 might be the earliest appearance of Raj in Nikki’s bullet journal spreads! Isn’t he just the most handsome boy!

…and finally, my one meagre cat bullet journal theme offering in the form of the Deth P. Sun-inspired tarot spread I did in May this year. I tried to replicate Deth’s style with a drawing of Juniper and of course she couldn’t be any other card than The Fool. Sorry Juniper!

cat tarot card bullet journal spread for International Cat Day

I’m just obsessed with the stamp-style edge of this washi tape and it’s so pleasing how well it fitted into my A5 journal without having to cut any of the designs in half!

Deth P Sun cat tarot washi tape uk

Shop Deth P. Sun Tarot Washi Tape

Deth P Sun cat tarot holographic stickers tape uk

Shop Deth P. Sun Tarot Card Holographic Stickers


Cat Stationery Supplies for International Cat Day

If you don’t fancy drawing your own cats but still want to inject a little feline fun into your bullet journal spreads or stationery collection, we’ve got you covered. You’ll be feline ready for International Cat Day in no time with these adorable cat-themed stationery finds:

It's no secret that we love a bit of Spooky Season around here, so keep your eyes peeled for a fun project involving this Spooky Kitties A5 Sticker Sheet, coming soon!

Imported all the way from the USA, these Pipstickers stickers are as beautiful as they are hard to find in the UK! These black and gold Midnight Meow Pipstickers are amazingly hard-wearing and are perfect for decorating your bullet journal, phone or laptop.

These neon and pastel paper Big Purrsonalities Pipstickers are purrfect for adding a little flair to your bullet journal spreads!

What's better than a plain old gel pen? A gel pen with a cute kitty on the lid, of course! These Kitty Cat Gel Pens have a super fine 0.38mm line width which is ideal for detailed illustrations! 

"We need to find our own inspiration, Kiki. Sometimes it's not easy"

Get inspired with these super cute official Japanese-import Studio Ghibli Kiki's Delivery Service 2B Pencils. Great for sketching!


We can't seem to re-stock these Japanese Stick Scissors fast enough at the mo! They're compact and ideal for keeping in your pencil case, or taking out and about! Designed in Japan by Punilab, you can choose from four adorable creatures. Who's your favourite? 🐈🐈‍⬛🐕🐣 

I get sooo many comments whenever my Wooden Kitty Ruler crops up in my flat lay photos, or I use it as a "transition magic wand" in reels!

...and finally: These adorable charms are purrfect for adding a little pizzaz to your bullet journal elastic or pencil case! I have this little fella on my Soft Corduroy Pencil Case and he brings me so much joy! Available in a choice of gold or silver.

I hope that’s given you a little inspiration to celebrate International Cat Day 2023! If you’ve been inspired by any of the kitty themes in this post or have photos of your cat "helping" with your bullet journal, we’d love to see! Please tag @nikkissupplystore and #NikkisSupplyStore on Instagram, where you can find heaps more journaling and stationery inspiration. You can also follow me, @joy.margot, for more craft content and pictures of my cat, Juniper.

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