Bullet Journal Cover - A5 / B5

Do you take your Bullet Journal everywhere and worry about it getting beat up in your bag? ME TOO! These heavy duty clear plastic covers fit A5 / B5 journals perfectly, and protect the outside cover of your journal against daily wear and tear.

I've used them with: A5 Leuchtturm 1917 Archer and Olive A5 / 160 Page Archer and Olive A5 / 192 Page These plastic covers fold around the hardback cover and secure around the inside back of your journal.

The design makes them adjustable - so that fit many thicknesses of journal. Just measure the height of your journal & pick the right size to fit: 21cm - A5 25cm - B5 I've used the same one for many years with only minimal wear to the edges of the plastic.

These are reusable and can be transferred to any new A5 / B5 journal you like! This listing is for 1 Clear Plastic cover- the pink journal shown is for display purposes only and is not included. Select from A5 or B5 at checkout.