Iridescent Pearl Fountain Pen - Medium

Limited Edition Kaweco Collection - Iridescent Pearl

These Fountain pens by Kaweco are the DREAM! They make me want to write line after line. They are just so satisfying to use! Designed in Germany- these Kaweco Skyline Sport pens are designed to be carried with you wherever you go.


✨ Translucent / Pearlescent barrel that shimmers from mint to pink

✨ Silver coloured nib and logo cap

✨ Coordinating packaging box with Iridescent foil 

✨ Medium Nib

They're a super neat 11.5cm in length with the lid screwed on (closed) so they're perfect to fit in any pocket or a small compartment of a bag. With the lid on the end of the pen- they're a full length 14cm- perfect to hold!

Pens come packaged in a coordinating cardboard box and protective plastic sleeve.