Clean & Tidy Planner Pad

Plan your chores and get organised for the week ahead with our super handy Clean & Tidy Planner notepads! It's an old school concept but planning for the week ahead has become a total game changer for me over the last few months.

These planners are designed to help you track and prioritise your household tasks- giving you more time to do the important stuff. Keep on top of big tasks by using the daily tracker, and make sure weekly jobs get done using the lower section too.

Each pad is A5 in size and contains 50 full colour printed sheets. We use matt finish 120gsm paper stock to make them easy to write on using most pens and writing implements.

Choose from either a greyboard backed desk pad, or add magnets to allow you to stick yours to the fridge in your kitchen. This listing is for one Clean & Tidy Pad.