Stabilo Pen 68 Brush Marker 12 pack & Brush Lettering Book Set

Are you in love with brush lettering? These brand new Pen 68 markers from Stabilo are the perfect addition to your pencil case!

These versatile water based brush markers come in a rainbow of 12 shades.

Perfect for brush lettering and calligraphy in your Planner or Bullet Journal, these markers have the same fine barrel as the iconic Pen 68 Marker - and a finer nib than similar markers such as Tombow brush lettering pens. These are waterbased and blendable too. Use other coloured markers to create sweet colour fades, or add water with a paintbrush for dreamy watercolour vibes.

Each pen has a long lasting fibre tip that writes thick and thin lines, depending on the pressure applied to the nib.

Every 12 pack comes with a free 39 page Stabilo Brush Lettering guide book worth £5.99 to help inspire you and perfect your technique.

This listing is for one set of 12 markers and one Brush Lettering book.

Imported from Germany / Shipped from the UK.