Kaweco Toyama Teal Sport Skyline Fountain Pen - Medium

Limited Edition Kaweco Collection Toyama Teal  💎

These Fountain pens by Kaweco are the DREAM! They make me want to write line after line. They are just so satisfying to use! Designed in Germany- these Kaweco Skyline Sport pens are designed to be carried with you wherever you go.


✨ Silver coloured nib and logo cap

✨ Coordinating packaging box

✨ Medium Nib

They're a super neat 11.5cm in length with the lid screwed on (closed) so they're perfect to fit in any pocket or a small compartment of a bag. With the lid on the end of the pen- they're a full length 14cm- perfect to hold!

Pens come packaged in a coordinating cardboard box and protective plastic sleeve.


The Story Behind Toyama Teal:

During Springtime, a beautiful spectacle of nature can be observed in certain places around the world. One of these places is in Japan.

On the coast of Toyama district– the namesake for this new and unique Kaweco COLLECTION variant – the water is illuminated by a mysterious blue sheen during Spring. This rare and spectacular phenomenon is called bioluminescence and it is caused by light-emitting creatures. In Toyama, the bioluminescence is created by the gathering of a certain species of squid called the firefly squid. Those thousands upon thousands of points of light, performing a captivating spectacle upon the water surface, are mirrored in the high-quality plastic of this fountain pen.

Depending on the particular light irradiation, the pearly pigments in the Kaweco COLLECTION Toyama Teal sparkle more or less intensively. The overall design is completed by silver elements. In addition, we have added the special effect to the cardboard box, giving it the look of shimmering waves of water.