10 Winter Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

10 Winter Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

It feels like just yesterday I was putting the finishing touches to my 10 Autumn Bullet Journal Theme Ideas blog post but winter will be here before we know it, so here’s the next seasonal instalment! Okay, okay, I know winter doesn’t “officially” begin until 21st December, but I always think November feels like a weird hinterland between autumn and winter, so I’ve incorporated a few November themes, including the one I’m using right now.

As I mentioned in my last post, I only create my monthly spreads a few days in advance, and usually pick a theme at the last-minute. I often go for a seasonal theme and prefer not to repeat them, so I thought it would be useful to share a few wintery bullet journal theme ideas that you can refer back to year after year.

Fear not, there will be spring and summer versions of this blog post coming next year! I’ll be keeping an eye out for spreads to feature in future blog posts - as well as the fortnightly Nikki’s Supply Store newsletter - so please keep tagging @nikkissupplystore in your photos on Instagram for a chance to be featured. It’s really handy if you can tag the photo as well as the caption, as this makes them easier to find!

Let’s get started…

Fireworks Bullet Journal Theme 

fireworks bullet journal theme

Let’s kick things off with a BANG and this gorgeous fireworks theme by Nikki. Archer & Olive’s Acrylograph pens just pop so pleasingly against a black page! Acrylographs are currently reduced to clear and won’t be re-stocked, so grab yours now! You can see even more fun ways to utilise blackout journals and black sketchbooks in my Blackout Bullet Journaling blog post.


Zentangle Bullet Journal Theme

zentangle bullet journal theme

I was originally planning a cosy dark academia theme for November, but the style I had in mind was quite drawing-heavy and I didn’t think I’d have time to do it justice this month. I decided to save that for January, and went with something a bit more freestyle this month. I first gave Zentangling a go in my 5 Ways to Use a Dot Grid Journal blog post, and this felt like just what I needed this month to unwind. While it’s definitely not a season-specific theme, it felt like a cosy relaxing activity which is perfect for the colder months.

It’s a great theme for beginners as it works alongside super minimalist layouts, and you can add to it throughout the month! All I used for my cover page was Pigma Microns, in varying thicknesses. Watch my chill Plan With Me reel here.


Noticeboard Bullet Journal Theme

noticeboard bullet journal theme

By @thejournalcorner - shared with permission

This is another theme which definitely isn’t specifically wintery, but as Alex went for a cosy self-care twist on a noticeboard bullet journal theme, I thought it was a perfect one for this time of year. She used Archer and Olive kraft paper and Acryograph pens, Nikki’s perfect pastel grid washi tape, Pigma Microns and a Pentel Fude Touch brush pen and you can see more pages from her gorgeous set up here.


Bookish Bullet Journal Theme

bookish bullet journal theme

By @zeynepzeesertkaya - shared with permission

You might have noticed that both Nikki and I are big fans of anything that combines cats and bullet journaling, so I couldn’t resist including this gorgeous purple bookish theme by Zeynep, which features black kitty cats! I love the purple monochromatic effect she’s achieved with Nikki’s lilac dot grid paper, and a variety of purple markers. You can see more of her cosy spreads here.


Fairy Lights Bullet Journal Theme

fairy lights bullet journal theme

I wanted to include a few festive bullet journal themes, as decorating my spreads last year really got me in the festive mood! Last year I went for a super simple fairy lights theme which I carried across every page. The markers I used are quite dark and have concealed a lot of my pen lines, so I think this theme would look even cuter with pastel Zebra Mildliner fairy lights!


Mid-Century Festive Bullet Journal Theme

Winter Mid Century Inspired Bullet Journal Cover Page


…and speaking of pastel Christmas themes: I just adore this iconic pastel pink mid-century theme Nikki created last December using Zebra Mildliners, and her perfect pastel, mid-century magic, and golden dots washi tapes. You can see a little flip through of this theme over on Instagram.


Christmas Tree Bullet Journal Theme

pastel christmas trees bullet journal theme 

By @happy_skull_planner - shared with permission

You may be noticing something of a pastel theme going on here, but who says pastels are just for Spring? Ruth created this gorgeous colourful Christmas tree theme with four shades of pastel dot grid pad and added adorable little snowy highlights with a white Gelly Roll. You can see another of her stunning pastel Christmas spreads here. You could also use the new botanic dot grid pad set for a less overtly festive and more wintery pine tree theme!


Snowflake Bullet Journal Theme 

snowflake bullet journal theme

If you’re looking for a super simple bullet journal theme that’s wintery but not overtly Christmassy, you just can’t beat a good snowflake! You can go as simple as you like with your snowflake drawings, or even cut some out of paper to stick in! I love this minimalist blue on kraft theme that Nikki used a few years ago.


Mountain Magic Bullet Journal Theme

mountain bullet journal theme

This monochromatic mountain scenery theme of Nikki’s from January 2021 is a firm favourite of mine! I love a good black and white fineliner sketch, and this style is deceptively simple to recreate. It also co-ordinates perfectly with Nikki’s mountain magic checklist pad and washi tape!


Back to Basics January Journal Theme

ombre lettering bullet journal

Last but by no means least: January is the perfect excuse for a fresh start and getting back to basics. Nikki’s January 2022 bullet theme focussed on lettering, and these two-tone ombre titles are perfect for adding a splash of colour and decoration if you’re not a fan of drawing in your journal. You can see the full Plan With Me video here, and a tutorial on colour blend lettering here, which Nikki posted a whopping five years ago!

I hope that’s given you a little inspiration for your winter bullet journal monthly themes! Why not bookmark this page so you can come back to it every year? If you’ve been inspired by any of the suggestions in this post, we’d love to see! Please tag @nikkissupplystore and #NikkisSupplyStore on Instagram, where you can find heaps more journaling and stationery inspiration. You can also follow me, @joy.margot, for more craft content and pictures of my cat, Juniper.

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