7 Fun Ways to Use Autumn and Halloween Washi Tape

7 Fun Ways to Use Autumn and Halloween Washi Tape

Hey stationery-lovers! Today’s blog post is all about WASHI TAPE! If you’ve no idea who I am or why I’m talking to you, check out my first blog post. All caught up? Let’s crack on… 

The word “washi” literally translates as “Japanese paper”. Washi tape is a staple in pretty much every craft and stationery stash, but did you know that it’s actually a relatively new creation? In 2006, a group of artists approached Japanese masking tape manufacturer Kamoi Kakoshi to request more colourful tape to incorporate into their crafting projects. Thankfully, they obliged, and paved the way for the glorious colours and designs available today.

My personal washi tape collection pre-dated my foray into bullet journaling, and I mostly used it to decorate mail, or as a temporary adhesive when attaching woven labels to my sewing projects. Since starting a bullet journal in November 2020, my collection has grown exponentially and I’m always looking for new ways to use it…so I can justify buying more, of course. I was oven the moon to hear that Nikki was designing an Autumn / Halloween collection, as that’s kind of my jam! She very kindly sent me the whole range to have a play with, and this is what I got up to…

Hallowee Collection Washi Tape 

1. Adding extra flair to your Bujo

I started simple by incorporating the new designs into my weekly spreads. I love that so many of the designs can be used year-round, even if you’re not a Halloween fanatic! The golden dots have become an absolute staple for me and if I feel a spread is missing something, it’s usually this.

Orange Gingham Washi Tape Spread

A&O Stardust journal | gingham washi tape | golden dots washi tape | autumn leaves washi tape| Sakura Pigma Micron | Stabilo 68 metallic

The golden dots also made an appearance in my October cover page. I used a lot of colour on my title page, so I wanted to keep the quote page quite simple. It’s a VERY hard decision, but I *think* the black spooky doodles washi tape might be my favourite of the Halloween designs!

 October Cover Page with Spooky Doodles Washi

Journal as above, plus spooky doodles washi tape | golden dots washi tape


Golden dots washi tape


2. Washi Tape Page Markers

Want to be able to quickly jump between months, or find key pages in your journal? Simply fold a piece of washi tape over the edge of a page to form a handy page marker! You could even match it to a tape or colour scheme you’ve used that month.

 Washi Page Markers

Journal as above, plus autumn leaves washi tape | golden dots washi tape


3. Mood / Habit Tracker

Looking for even more creative ways to use washi tapes in your bullet journal? How about incorporating them into a mood tracker or habit tracker? This polaroid-inspired page was so fun to put together! Each polaroid is 4 x 5 squares so it works best for months that are 30 days long. This method works particularly well if you’re indecisive and want to change your mind about that day’s mood, or if you accidentally use the wrong colour! Don’t forget to add a key so you remember which tape corresponds to which mood.

 Washi Tape Mood Tracker


4. Spooky Space Bar

But of course, washi tapes can be used for so much more than decorating journals and mail! This “spooky space bar” is by the far the quickest and easiest “project” on this list, but mine’s been bringing me so much joy this week. I’ve seen photos of keyboards with washi on every key, but I’m not sure I’m confident enough in my touch-typing to venture there yet!

 Washi Tape Space Bar - Spooky Doodles

My fav: spooky doodles washi tape


5. Patterned Paper Chains

Once you’ve decorated everything on your desk with washi tape, it’s time to attack the walls and furniture! I’ve always had a soft spot for the retro charm of paper chains, and I love that these work for any season, celebration or colour scheme. I chopped some junk mail into 15mm strips, tore some slightly longer strips of washi in four co-ordinating designs and voila! No wasted staples, no waiting for glue to dry, AND you can open and close the links as needed: Very handy for altering the length, or attaching them to things.

 Washi Tape Paper Chains

Constellation washi tape | gingham washi tape | candy sprinkles washi tape

I decorated my cat’s tent bed - do you think she’ll appreciate it?

Washi Tape Paper Chains

Constellation washi tape | gingham washi tape | candy sprinkles washi tape


Constellation washi tape


6. Washi Tape Nail Art

Now how about decorating yourself? I’m shockingly bad at nail art, but this is a much easier and less messy alternative! Simply cut a piece of washi slightly larger than your nail. Press it onto the nail, and mark the edges with your thumbnail like you’re pushing your cuticles back but do the same for the sides and top. Remove the tape, cut around the shape of your nail, pop it back on and paint over the top with clear nail varnish. This option works well if you want a short-term manicure that can be removed quickly and easily, or for a more long-lasting solution, simply apply another coat of clear varnish underneath the washi.

 Washi Tape Nail Art - Spooky Doodles

It’s the spooky doodles washi tape again!


Spooky doodles washi tape


7. Cute Cupcake Flags

Ooft. After all that decorating, I’m ready for a treat. How about a spooky cupcake? These adorable washi cupcake flags could also be used to indicate different flavours or allergens at a buffet table. Just wrap a strip of washi around a cocktail stick and stick it back on itself, then cut a notch. I’d like to thank the candy sprinkles washi tape for inspiring this idea!

 Haunted Hills Washi Tape - Cupcake Flags

Candy sprinkles washi tape | haunted hills washi tape


Autumn Ltd Edition Washi Tape Set


I hope that’s given you a little inspiration for how to incorporate Nikki’s exclusive Autumn and Halloween washi tape designs into your bullet journal and life! They’re a great alternative to plastic-based tapes, as they’re all made from plant-based fibres and are biodegradable and recyclable. Don’t forget to tag @nikkissupplystore on Instagram if you share a photo of how you’ve used them or any other stationery items from Nikki’s Supply Store.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Halloween! x

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