Blackwing Matte Pencil

Soft and buttery, the Blackwing Matte is the perfect expressive pencil!

These pencils are the best of the best. I love them for day to day use, sketching or note taking.

  • Box of 12 Blackwing Matte Pencils
  • Soft lead, ideal for writing and drawing (similar to a 4B pencil)
  • Matte black finish
  • Iconic square Blackwing ferrule in gold with a black eraser
  • Sleek design and satisfying to use
  • Gift box also doubles as a pencil cup
  • Made in Japan from renewable Californian incense-cedar

These are sold unsharpened in gift boxes of 12 - which works out as £2.50 per pencil. I've had the same Blackwing pearl for a number of years, it is one of my most treasured writing implements.

Fancy trying a selection of the Blackwings we stock? Check out our tester pack here.