Lamy Safari Fountain Pen - Medium

An iconic fountain pen for every desk - the Lamy Safari! Their smooth action make me want to write line after line. They are just so satisfying to use! Designed in Germany- with a clean Bauhaus aesthetic in mind, these pens are perfect for every day journaling or special occasion letter writing. 

I've selected 5 bold colours in this iconic Bauhaus inspired design:

Mango (warm Yellow) 

Aquamarine (rich turquoise)

Violet (deep purple)

Umbra (black with coordinating nib)

Pink (glossy cerise)

These fountain pens have a polished steel nib (which you can switch for other sizes and styles if you like too!)

Pens come with a Blue Lamy T10 ink cartridge (buy replacements here) and are packaged in a coordinating cardboard box.

Shipped from the UK.