Featured Maker: Georgie of Hey Sew Sister

Featured Maker: Georgie of Hey Sew Sister

I feel like I’ve said this a few times recently, but we’re trying something a little bit different today. Welcome to our new Featured Maker series! I always love finding new creative accounts to follow on Instagram and thought it would be fun to share the love on the blog. I'll be interviewing a Nikki’s Supply Store customer about their favourite stationery and how they like to use it so grab a cuppa, sit back and let’s get chatty…

Kicking things off is one of my favourite sewing accounts, @heysewgeorgie. Georgie / Georgina (she/her) is a dressmaker and crafter living in Edinburgh, where she runs an online shop selling colourful dressmaking fabric and supplies.

hey sew Georgie

You may have noticed that Nikki and I are partial to a bit of 90s stationery, so I have to ask: What’s your favourite item of retro stationery, or do you have any fond stationery-related childhood memories?

I have loved stationery for as long as I can remember. I wish I’d counted my childhood pencil case collection - it was huge and I rotated my school pencil case every week! I’m still partial to one now - my latest acquisition being a Hello Kitty x Pusheen novelty pencil case which was a honeymoon gift from my husband Ollie!

pushed x hello kitty pencil case

Aw, he’s a keeper for sure! I had a huge collection of food and drink novelty pencil cases, I think my favourites were the Pepsi can and Walkers crisps. Novelty pencil cases aside, what are your most used stationery items?

My most used stationery items are notebooks and fine ballpoint pens. A bit boring but I’m quite practical when it comes to stationery - despite my love of novelty pencil cases - and I just love a blank page and a good pen. I don’t doodle much and most of my stationery use is for making lists - to do lists, to sew lists, shopping lists, etc.

This year I have been using a Rifle Paper Company Weekly Planner supplemented with a Risotto Quaderno No 9 Day Planner which I love for time blocking on busier days. I’m also using Risotto Quaderno No 1 for rough list making and notes.

risotto jotters

My current pen of choice is the LiveWork V2.0 Point Pen as it is super fine and smooth, making my writing so much neater. I go through phases of bullet journaling too.

Great choices! I love the retro vibes of the Risotto Jotters and it’s so cool that they’re made in Scotland too! Is there an art or lettering medium or technique you've always wanted to try but haven't yet?

I would love to try brush lettering and even have some pens ready for it but what can I say…I have too many hobbies and not enough time!

Ah, a pain I know well! When you do manage to carve out a little time for it, I can recommend a great blog post to get you started! Out of the items you *have* had a chance to try, which is your favourite from Nikki's Supply Store?

My favourite products at Nikki’s Supply Store are the Risotto Quaderno notebooks and Hit List notepads. I love the funky colours and riso print which give the products a kind of retro feel to them. They make list-making so much more joyful for me.

risotto jotters

I kind of have too many happy things I’ve bought from Nikki’s over the past few years - another recent very fun purchase was the Tiny Container. I’ve been using it to store my sewing labels - so cute! The LiveWork V2.0 Point Pen has also got to make it onto the list as I think it might be my favourite everyday writing pen EVER.

tiny container plus sewing labels

Ooh you know I’m a big fan of the Tiny Container! Finally, on a completely unrelated note but I know from your Instagram stories you’re a fellow foodie: Do you have a favourite drink or snack while you're creating?

My favourite drink and snack in one whilst creating is bubble tea! My favourites are peach fruit and honeydew melon milk, both with tapioca pearls. Also, I have a lifelong crisp problem…

Thanks so much for chatting to me Georgie! Hope you have a wonderful day!

You can find Georgie on Instagram where she shares her colourful dressmaking and all sorts of fun things. Her shop is Hey Sew Sister, and she writes a blog on Substack.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for creatives to include in our Featured Maker posts as well as the fortnightly Nikki’s Supply Store newsletter - so please keep tagging @nikkissupplystore in your photos on Instagram! It’s really handy if you can tag the photo as well as the caption, as this makes them easier for me to find.

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